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Just Like the Tropics!

Since I arrived here, the weather has alternated between overcast and sunshine. Daytime temperature has fluctuated between 60F and 75F, which is warmer than I expected. Today we were granted fantastic weather: sunny, warm, and no wind. After Kristin came home from work at 3 PM, we borrowed a little boat and went to a beach to picnic. We had salami on bread, peanuts, and big box of wild raspberry I picked when I went hiking this morning.

It’s surreal to sit on a sandy beach above the arctic circle watching the kids splash in the sea. I was very happy.

Secluded Beach Under Rødøyløva

Marcus and Nora Stealing a Summer Day

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  1. akosijonas #

    nice photo. i like it because of its summer-feel color. 🙂

    September 27, 2011

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