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A Portrait of Spring in Macro


Spring is arriving slowly and torturously, even though daylight is back in abundance. Now the sky never gets black. There’s been flurries nearly everyday last week — this is the arctic circle after all. Today, I took the children hiking all day, and I also decided to try out my new macro photo equipment, which is just an extension tube (Canon EF12) attached to my normal walkaround lens (Canon 17-40 4L). Focusing was definitely problematic with the extension tube. The depth of field is so narrow that a slight movement would render the main subject out of focus. But the narrow depth of field gave me wonderfully blurred background.

On a sad note, Kristin’s sister’s fiancee passed away suddenly. We spent New Years with the wonderful couple. Kristin is now with her sister in Røros. He was 44 years-old.

  1. RichardP #

    Great shots. The subjects would suggest you’re a budding photographer, however the quality indicates you blossomed some time ago.

    May 13, 2012
  2. Thanks Richard.

    May 13, 2012

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